How to Attract a Business Angel

Terms of SIR - Soul Integration and Re-CreationSo you have a great idea and need some investors to get it off the ground. One solution that may work for you is someone called a business angel. These are wealthy investors often wealthy because they have done what you have done and in addition to having the cash to help you can also provide you with the experience they have. So how do you attract an such an investor? The following is a few ways of doing so:

Make sure your idea is able to not only sound convincing but actually is. You want to make sure the idea you need funding for is a solid one and you have the capability to actually not only express this but to show any potential investors that their money is not at a complete risk of being lost. Just picture yourself in their shoes and try convincing yourself.

Make sure you have some sort of working prototype to show them. Humans by nature are visual beings. If your potential business angel can actually examine your product hands on the chances he’ll fund your idea increase dramatically.

Show them you mean business You must have some of your own money invested into your idea. It’s silly to think someone else is going to take 100% of the risk in your idea. If you fail you lost nothing and they lost everything. Nobody is going to do that. By investing some of your own money this shows them you have some stake in avoiding failure and makes them all the more comfortable in supporting your idea.

The last piece of advice is to always be there for your potential business angel. Answer any calls they may make to you immediately Answer all their questions truthfully. Remember these people are trying to give you money don’t make it harder on them.

What Are Binary Options Exactly?

binary options trading signalsBinary options are a specific sort of options where your payout will wither be a fixed amount of cash or nothing at all. While a simple example of this would be say a lottery ticket where you are going to win or lose there are a few other examples that make more sense to take a risk in. One of these examples is the stock market where one may purchase some stock that has a set payment of X where if that stock is trading at X price or above on a certain date you will get a payment. While these are always an extreme gamble many people have been successful using this method of stock trading.

Many people will also tell you that the risk is too extreme and you should look to risk money elsewhere. If you are smart and do some research you can prove these people wrong and make a nice tidy sum of cash quickly for yourself via binary options trading. So what does one need to know to become successful with this method?

Research Research Research – As with any potential investment opportunity do your research beforehand. Continue Reading »

Technical Surveillance in the Business World

The high tech world of corporate intelligence is infiltrated and protected by state of the art electronic gadgetry that boggles the minds of those not constantly in the loop. Various methods of Technical Surveillance are utilized on a daily basis in attempt to monitor companies or organization rich in sought after intelligence. The industry is crowded with those who attempt to monitor and those skilled in the countermeasures to prevent monitoring. Regardless of common misguided information the only sure way to conclude that Technical Surveillance is being initiated is by locating the bugging device. Sound Technical Surveillance Countermeasures are vital as a method of defense and counter action.

Corporate Warfare

Competition to obtain or sustain supremacy in the corporate jungle is fierce and sometimes frightening. In a world where technology is now king the value of industry specific intelligence can be priceless. Trade mark secrets and vital business strategic information is highly sought after and the daily warfare presents a professional need to gather or protect it. If highly sensitive information falls into the wrong hands it can be the difference between failure and success. The global economy itself can be affected. Corporate futures hang in the balance.

The Need For Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Anytime a company or organization is home to vital intelligence or sought after sensitive information they are susceptible to infiltration by hostiles hired by the competition. These hostile forces are skilled in state of the art methods of surveillance. They will use all means possible, legal or illegal to gather the information they are seeking. The sophisticated maze of corporate warfare treads a thin line when it comes to ethical intervention. In the case of Technical Surveillance it is best to fight fire with fire. A vulnerable company or organization needs to acquire a professional team that is highly skilled in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures to protect what is theirs.

Skilled Technical Surveillance Professions Enhance Success

The demand for Technical Surveillance and countermeasures has led to innovative and state of the art equipment being created to satisfy modern requirements. It is recommended that any organization seeking protection acquire a Technical Surveillance team that offers immediate response time and utilizes the best toys the industry has to offer. Of course the skill, knowledge and experience on how to use that equipment are just as vital to overall success. These tools can be used to identify numerous surveillance devices that may have been placed in a sensitive area.

The Toys Of Technical Surveillance

The hostile infiltrator enters a sought after domain by many methods. The competition loves to utilize their victim’s own employees to plant the mark. This employee could be someone high on the corporate ladder or merely a janitorial employee accepting a bonus they feel is long overdue. In a corporation there are many employees who pass through sensitive areas as part of their job and that provides ample opportunity for an eavesdropping device to be put into place. Popular locations for this might be on a CEO or Presidents desk in the form of a ball point pen. It could be placed on a desk or board room meeting table in the form of a paper weight. Electronic bugging devices can be planted in numerous sensitive areas easily and in many forms that seem almost invisible to the untrained eye.

The Answer

By acquiring a trained and experienced professional private investigator to protect their most valuable assets a company or organization in the corporate hemisphere can increase their odds of catching hostile infiltrators at their own game. The right team can hit the ground running with a game plan designed for success and use their state of the art equipment to identify all sorts of listening devices, telephone taps and wireless microphones as well as taking appropriate surveillance actions to ensure the area is safe and secure.

Understanding Asset Finance Leasing

Running a business in a smooth track is not easy if it is not powered by money. Very often money tends to be the determinant factor in upholding and fostering the success of business. The same goes when you want to buy any machinery or equipment for your business. Because of unavailability of sufficient money, you may not want to buy any equipment for business directly from your company’s fund. In such cases asset finance leasing could assist you.

With the help of asset finance leasing, you can access your desired product without purchasing it. In this way you can say asset finance leasing helps a company to own any asset without investing money for it from their own fund.

Asset finance leasing can be best accessed if applied through World Wide Web. It is the platform to reach to unlimited leasing companies of your choice. Just go to any search engine and type your desired question. Within a minute pause, you can get familiar with several leasing companies, who offer asset finance leasing service. By getting in to their respective sites, you can compare their offers with one another and in this way you can find a suitable source of your choice.

You can access asset finance leasing in to two types namely direct leasing and sale and lease back. In direct lease, what you have to do is to select the asset you want and ask a leasing company to purchase it. Now, under sale and lease back, you sell an asset to any leasing company which is already owned by you. The leasing company will then leases it back to you. In both of these two cases, a leasing company itself owns the assets and you are required to return the asset to the leasing company.

Tweet Fake Obama Office Bomb Could 'Destroy' Wall Street

Stock-stock in United States (AS) succeeded continue the rally, and recovering from a sharp decline who triggered tweet Associated Press about explosion in the White House. The existence of tweet fake by hacker regarding the two explosions in the White House which injure U.S. President Barack Obama, triggering sharp declines on stock.

Index benchmark S & P 500 had time to fell 14.6 points, or 0.93 per cent hose a few minutes when the tweet hit the market. With index S & P 500 experiencing a decrease approximately USD14, 6 trillion at the time of tweet fake exit, dragging the profit amounting to USD13, 5 billion from value the index.

“If it really happened, it was a sell-justified, but because people suffer from information overload, people tend to overreact and can not wait to prove it,” said director of Seaport Securities Corp., Jason Weisberg.

Index Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) Up 152.29 points, or 1.05 percent become 14719.46, index The The Standard & Poor 500 (SPX) rose 16.28 points, or 1.04 percent become 1578.78, and Nasdaq Composite index (IXIC) rose 35.78 points, or 1.11 percent become 3269.33.

Shares Netflix Inc surged 24.4 percent become USD216, 99, after the service streaming this film reporting profit that beat expectations and growth strong customer.

Season profit which was announced mostly positive, with more than 68.9 percent of companies in the index the S & P 500 reported the results who beat expectations. Since 1994, the 63 percent reports have been exceeded estimates average.

Trading volume occurs with about 6.39 billion shares traded in New York Stock Exchange, NYSE MKT and Nasdaq, slightly in above daily average 6.38 billion.

Car Loan Savings Calculator

The best car loan product can also depend on your personal financial situation. For example, do you want a car loan that:

Is between 1-5 years
You can make a deposit
Has the lowest interest rate
Has no penalty pay out fees

Often when you make a deposit you can reduce your car finance interest rate. Car finance repayments can be lower if you securitise the vehicle.

Most car finance companies will display their rates online so check them first. You also want the most flexible loan. Can you have the flexibility to pay back more if you come in to some money?. To put payments on hold for a month or two. Consider your financial circumstances today as well as in the future. It’s important not to over commit yourself as well.

Buy as much car as you can afford. But, make sure the car loan repayments are affordable.

As you can see, there are a lot of different types of questions which will need to be considered at the time you wish to take car finance. Ask around, your friends may have good and bad experiences. Speak to a car loan broker may also be a suitable option. Car finance brokers will generally advise the best.

Online, there are many resources which will enable you to be able to work out your car loan or novated lease repayments. You can use a car repayments calculator which will accurately provide you with a repayment schedule showing you the interest payable on the loan rate you get. Alternatively, if you are after a car lease, then use the novated lease calculator which will show you all of the calculations and savings to your take home pay. You can literally save thousands with a novated lease or car lease.

A Remedy For Financial Crisis

Bridging loans can act as a remedy during your financial crisis. You can apply for a fast bridging loan whenever you need a financial help to make both your ends meet. These loans act as a great support for bridging the financial gap that you might be stuck in.

Bridging finance are short term loans which can be borrowed by a person, to fulfill both personal and commercial requirements, until he/she is able to arrange the required amount. You can borrow a cheap bridging loan, when you want to buy a new property either for your personal requirements or for commercial purpose, without selling your present property. Bridging loans, as the name suggests, builds a bridge between both the ends of financial gap caused during the process of buying a new property and selling the existing one. You can borrow a bridging loan not only for buying property but also for fulfilling other requirements like holiday expenditure, marriage, buying raw material and machinery for your business, etc.

They are of two types – open and closed.

Open bridging loan – you can opt for an open bridging loan if you want to buy a new property immediately but you don’t actually know when you will be able to sell your present property.

Closed bridging loan – unlike the open bridging loan, you can borrow a closed bridging loan when you need more financial help to buy your new property even after having sold your old property.

The amount of loan that you can borrow is determined based on the value of the collateral you are placing. The maximum limit lent varies from one principal lender to the other. While borrowing a bridging loan you should remember that these loans are short term loans, therefore the repayment time is short. Also being a short term loan, it has got higher rates of interest. However there are many lenders from whom you can borrow a cheap bridging loan with relatively lower rates of interest. It will always be wise on your part to do a proper research about the lenders and their rates of interest, before finally borrowing it. Also you have to pay a fixed sum at one time. So make sure you have the amount ready with you. If you fail to repay the loan amount within the fixed time, you may loose the collateral that you had placed while borrowing the loan.

They are also lent by many lenders for people with bad credit history. The interest rate for these borrowers might be a little higher. You can improve your bad credit score by borrowing a fast bridging loan and repaying it back in time. These loans are secured in nature and you need to place collateral with the lender while borrowing it and free it after repaying the loan amount. You can place your old property or the new property which you are buying as the collateral.

Investment, Smart Ways to Save Money

Rich base of diligent saving! Who does not know the slogan? A sentence that is not foreign anymore since we are sitting in elementary school to this day. But the slogan still relevant today?

Deserves to be recognized for income set aside in part and kept as savings is a struggle for most of us at this time because of the need that is never exhausted. However, it should be realized that we live not only for the present, there is still a future that awaits. We have a responsibility to the children, families with small cost increase from year to year.

Price increases, cost of education, lifestyle and other costs caused “Diligent saving rich base” no longer completely irrelevant if not tricked by the wise. Therefore in addition to diligent saving we also must be smart in managing income we receive, among others in the following ways:

1. Have objectives and targets
Objectives and targets will be a motivation for us the discipline of saving. For example for the young family who just had a child, the hope that the son / daughter get a good education in the future will be the main motivation for the discipline of saving costs in order to accumulate sufficient

2. Set aside income
It is undeniable that there are many among us who adopt the principle of “the rest” as opposed to “sisih”. The point is that most of us tend to spend revenue received in advance and the remainder is stored as savings. It would be wise if we set aside first before we spend the majority of income. There is no fixed rule how much of the income to be set aside, but is generally 20-30 per cent of total revenue which is quite ideal for a start.

3. Start investing!
To get around that value for money that we do not diminish the tube eroded by inflation, we’d better start looking for investment instruments that could provide higher yields than conventional instruments such as savings or deposits.

One of the investment instrument is quite popular lately mutual fund. Mutual fund is a container used to collect funds from public investors who subsequently reinvested into the portfolio securities by investment managers and administered by a custodian bank.

Small nominal required (ranging from Rp 100,000) to start making a mutual fund investment is increasingly becoming a choice to invest in our communities. Mutual funds have the potential for higher returns than savings interest (depending on the type of mutual fund that is). Equity mutual funds for example in the last 10 years yields between 18-20 percent per year, while interest on savings and deposits in general only the range of 5-8 percent.

How, if ready to manage your finances smarter?

Pick A Passion To Intensify And Fuel Your Online Business

I remember watching the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball, six time NBA Champion Michael Jordan. On many different occasions Michael Jordan clearly stated that determination, focus, and persistence is what helped him reach his amazing accomplishments. There was one feeling in particular that gave Michael the strength, power, and desire to succeed as the greatest player to ever play the game. PASSION.

Webster’s dictionary defines the word passion as a powerful feeling or an outburst of strong feeling towards something. This powerful feeling towards something can motivate us to accomplish anything. Passion is also the same feeling that has allowed hundreds of individuals run a successful online business.

Think for a moment of the many different occasions that a friend, coworker, or family member has told you that you didn’t have the ability to accomplish something. After they tell you that your plan will not work then they advise you to move on to something else. This is the first obstacle that anyone who wants to start an online business has to bypass.

Here’s the big question. Are you going to pick a business that your peers recommend or are you going to pick an online business that you are passionate about? There are two important questions that must be considered before you start an online business. Is the business or product marketable, and do you feel passion for it? If you can answer yes to these questions, you can start building an online business.

Over 90% of individuals that start an online business fail. There is only one way to fail. You fail when you quit. Some of the responsibilities of starting an online business include:

  • Finding or creating a product
  • Finding a web host
  • Creating a web site
  • Finding a domain name, plus much more.

More than 70% of the time that you use to run your business should be spent marketing. In the beginning you will have to keep your regular job and run your online business part-time. You have to set up a strict schedule and you must follow it.

Education is another important aspect of running an online business. You want to stay up to date with your competition and new marketing techniques. During the first few months of your business you may not see any profits. Any profit that is earned during the early stages of your business should be reinvested in the business.

Working when you are tired is another obstacle that you must bypass. There will be many occasions that you will feel like sleeping after working a full eight hours on your regular job. Friends and family can be another obstacle. You have to include your friends and family in your schedule and at the same time reserve time exclusively for your business.

All of the factors that we just mentioned must be taken into consideration when starting an online business. It takes tremendous amount of energy to build a successful online business. Will you do it? Only if you start with one thing. Pick a passion. Pick a business that you feel an outburst of strong feelings towards and you will fuel yourself with the intensity and power that only passion can supply.

Where Do You Get Financing For Your Small Business?

“It takes money to make money.” That saying is somewhat true. To create or expand your business empire you will need some funding to cover your expenses until your income comes in. That may take 2 months or 2 years, and it may require $200 or $200,000. The money can always be found, one way or another, but you need the right method for you.

Money comes from three sources, each with its own benefits, dangers, and costs. You will likely use two, if not all three of these types over the course of your enterprise — and you must understand each to evaluate which will work for you today, tomorrow, and 5 years from now.

#1 Method: Self Financing

When business owners have cash on hand, they typically look to their own bank account first as a simple form of financing. Self financing can be broken down two different ways, each with their own considerations. First, there are two types of self financing: lump-sum and bootstrapping. Second, self-financing can come from you, personally, or can come from your current business that finances another business, venture, service, or product line.

Lump-sum financing is when you have a fixed amount of money from the sale of a business or investment, an inheritance, personal savings, 401(k) cash-out (rarely a good idea) or other amount of cash that can be used to finance a business venture. The amount you have available is relatively fixed and can be viewed and tracked as a one-time investment.

Bootstrapping is constantly used by most small businesses, usually without conscious knowledge. Bootstrapping is where you pay for the new or expanding business through cash flow coming in from another source. The other source may be your day job, your spouse or partner’s job or business, a profitable business or product line, or passive investments (real estate, mutual funds, and bond).

Self-financing works when you need a small amount of money, when you have a large amount of money available, when you are comfortable with risk, or when you need money quickly. It also works when a profitable business can absorb investing in a new venture until the new venture takes off; assuming adequate cash flow projections and tracking has been done to ensure the new venture is not a never-ending profit leach.

#2 Method: Debt Financing

Debt financing is obtaining money that must be paid back to the lender, usually with interest. Similar to self-financing, debt financing may include both using your personal credit as well as the credit and security of the business to obtain a loan or line of credit.

Personal debt financing is readily available to most business owners. If you have a decent credit rating, you can obtain credit cards, a home equity line of credit, or a loan, without informing the bank about your business. You may obtain a loan from a family member or friend who knows about your business venture but who may not demand as rigorous standards as a formal bank.

Businesses may also obtain credit cards, lines of credit, and loans from banks and credit unions. Loans that are secured by the Small Business Administration (SBA) are available through banks providing lines of credit to small businesses that may not be able to obtain credit without the SBA guarantee. Alternative debt financing options such as enable individuals and businesses with lower credit ratings to obtain financing from diverse sources. But these private loans will typically be at interest rates higher than SBA loans.

#3 Method: Equity Financing

Equity financing is giving away ownership (equity) in your business, and potential future profits, in exchange for money (capital) today.

Investors can come in the form of silent partners, family, friends, or private investors who speculate in new companies. Angel Funding, wealthy individuals and groups who invest in small, high growth companies, typically buy stakes in companies for a few hundred thousand dollars. Venture Capital firms and Investment Banks typically are looking for companies where they will invest millions of dollars.

If you are planning to seek private investors, Angel Funding, Investment Banks, or Venture Capital, you will likely need more sophisticated financial reporting than is covered in this book. You will also need more lawyers and accountants.

How do you decide which type of financing to pursue?

Most likely, one type of financing is obviously not right for you now. You will probably use two or even all three types of financing for any one business, and your choice may change over the life of the business as you expand and add new ventures. You may be able to weed out certain choices because they are not available — you don’t have cash or another income source (self), you don’t have a good personal credit rating (debt), or your business has no exit plan (equity).

For each decision, you must track the benefits (Return on Investment), and the costs (interest, fees, and lost profits) of each type of financing. As your business grows, you may need to add or switch financing as prior financing methods become too expensive, are exhausted, or do not produce a sufficient return.

Being Eligible For Invoice Finance Services

It’s a growing trend in the business world to use invoice finance. This service helps to improve a company’s cash flow by releasing cash from their outstanding invoices, and it also reduces the daily admin of chasing payments and dealing with bad debts, because the factoring company usually handles a business’s sales ledger. It all sounds great, but not all businesses are eligible to use factoring services.

Just like with banks, factoring companies have their own requirements for their clients. They might be an independent company or owned by a high street bank, or maybe even a broker who will pass on your business to a chosen partner. Either way, they’ll offer their own particular services at their own rates.

Companies are generally eligible to use factoring if they meet a few specific criteria. The most important is that they trade business-to-business. Many factors won’t take on companies who sell to the public. A minimum turnover is also required, generally ¬£50,000. This is because lending needs to be worth the factor’s while. Some factors will lend money to smaller companies but they must have a certain number of customers. Both the company and its customers must have a good credit rating so that the risk of lending to them is low.

If you have small invoices or a small number of customers, or if you have a lot of disputed payments and bad debt, you may not be eligible for factoring. The best thing to do is to talk to a factoring broker to find the best company to suit your needs.

Trading As a Business

It is everyone’s dream to generate income simply by sitting at a computer in their home and spending minimal efforts. Trading stocks from your home is an attractive option in order to have your home based business and live this dream. You get more freedom when working from home, do not need to report to a superior, have more time with family and generate an income by just spending a few hours behind a computer. Your hours are flexible depending on the type of trades you are planning to perform and also the stock market hours. You can go as less as an hour a day to as long as the whole day performing all your analysis and placing trades.

With the advances in technology and internet, trading as a business has become much easier and with a few clicks on your computer you will become a stock investor. Continue Reading »