How to Attract a Business Angel

Terms of SIR - Soul Integration and Re-CreationSo you have a great idea and need some investors to get it off the ground. One solution that may work for you is someone called a business angel. These are wealthy investors often wealthy because they have done what you have done and in addition to having the cash to help you can also provide you with the experience they have. So how do you attract an such an investor? The following is a few ways of doing so:

Make sure your idea is able to not only sound convincing but actually is. You want to make sure the idea you need funding for is a solid one and you have the capability to actually not only express this but to show any potential investors that their money is not at a complete risk of being lost. Just picture yourself in their shoes and try convincing yourself.

Make sure you have some sort of working prototype to show them. Humans by nature are visual beings. If your potential business angel can actually examine your product hands on the chances he’ll fund your idea increase dramatically.

Show them you mean business You must have some of your own money invested into your idea. It’s silly to think someone else is going to take 100% of the risk in your idea. If you fail you lost nothing and they lost everything. Nobody is going to do that. By investing some of your own money this shows them you have some stake in avoiding failure and makes them all the more comfortable in supporting your idea.

The last piece of advice is to always be there for your potential business angel. Answer any calls they may make to you immediately Answer all their questions truthfully. Remember these people are trying to give you money don’t make it harder on them.

What Are Binary Options Exactly?

binary options trading signalsBinary options are a specific sort of options where your payout will wither be a fixed amount of cash or nothing at all. While a simple example of this would be say a lottery ticket where you are going to win or lose there are a few other examples that make more sense to take a risk in. One of these examples is the stock market where one may purchase some stock that has a set payment of X where if that stock is trading at X price or above on a certain date you will get a payment. While these are always an extreme gamble many people have been successful using this method of stock trading.

Many people will also tell you that the risk is too extreme and you should look to risk money elsewhere. If you are smart and do some research you can prove these people wrong and make a nice tidy sum of cash quickly for yourself via binary options trading. So what does one need to know to become successful with this method?

Research Research Research – As with any potential investment opportunity do your research beforehand. Continue Reading »

4 Reasons Women Need More Saving

The ever increasing cost of living, and lifestyle go up, making it difficult to save women. Every end of the month, leaving only a savings account balance of several thousand dollars only. Often not bersisanya savings account is not caused by a lack of income, but mistakes in managing finances. Finally, they ignore the importance of saving, let alone there are husbands who become the main breadwinner in the family.

In fact, women are supposed to be saving more than men! Not just saving for a living, education, or family vacation, but also to save for retirement. Want to know why we should have more savings?

Live longer
On average, women live longer than men. So one day when our spouse has passed away, we had to undergo a longer retirement. That is, we have to finance our own lives (and the kids) longer. Therefore, even if your husband is still actively working and able to provide for your family, you should also have their own savings. Set aside at least 15 percent of your salary to the pension fund.

Greater cost of living
Never compare your living expenses and your husband, or your male counterparts? Who is more wasteful, or have greater spending? Salary is usually women who run faster, because all printilan spent on less important. When shopping at the market, most women desire to haggle. In the supermarket, women are willing to buy cheaper goods a few thousand dollars only. However, we are willing to pay dearly to finance our lifestyle. Do not believe? Tell me, how often do you buy clothes when there are sale program, coffee-coffee, buy a bag or shoes branded long we seek?

Women lower wages than men
It’s the fact that we still experienced in some companies. Then, how could save more if our salaries are on average less than men? The answer is simple: make extra income. You can reach it by looking for a side job, or build a small business. If you feel you have enough time for extra work, you inevitably have to work harder and ask for a raise equal to men.

When married, women also split attention in children. We may no longer shop for myself, but also for the husband and especially the kids. Women who cares to buy clothes, cooking healthy meals, buy packs of books or reading lesson video (the price is not cheap), or toy “smart” for the children. Thus, the greater the expense of women. By itself, they also need to save more in order to always satisfy various requirements.

As a role model for the kids
In many studies, it is often argued that the mother is a person who became a role model, because the kids will spend more time with mothers than fathers. Mother became a instrumental figure in the management of the family finances. Of the mother as well, the kids learn how to manage finances. According to, about one in four young adults say that their mother had the biggest financial influence in their lives when growing up. Therefore, provide a good example to the kids about finances. Always scrimping and saving are some of the simplest examples.

Finances Being 'Stretched To The Max'

An increasing number of Britons have found themselves coming under financial strain, a new report has revealed.

In research released by Moneyfacts, there have been 125 rate and fee increases on credit cards over the last two months, a figure which Esther James, credit card analyst, claims is “quite staggering”. According to the price comparison website, 69 cards have increased their cash withdrawal fees, while some 25 products have seen rates on cash withdrawals surge, a move which could well impact upon consumers’ ability to service other areas of their finances, such as utility bills, mortgages and personal loans. The study also showed that three cards have seen purchase rates increase, while 18 products have been hit by higher foreign usage charges.

Commenting on the figures, Ms James said: “With the majority of increases staying away from the headline purchase rates, these fee and rate increases are less in the public view and often tucked away in lengthy terms and conditions. However they can still make a substantial increase to the cost of using your card.” In addition, she pointed out that with Christmas approaching, more people could be set to see their incomes being “stretched to the max”. And although she claimed that consumers may well consider turning towards their credit cards to help them access additional cash, making use of such a product could see borrowers “get stung by still higher rates and fees”. The analyst also warned that selecting the wrong type of credit cards could be a “costly mistake” for borrowers.

The Moneyfacts representative also pointed out that credit card customers should look to avoid withdrawing cash using the facility if at all possible, as the average interest rate attached to such a move stands at 23 per cent which is charged from the date the cash was taken out. In addition, Ms James stated that borrowers can expect to pay a fee of up to three per cent. As a result, the analyst reported that by making the minimum repayments on a withdrawal of 500 pounds, consumers would end up paying back the sum of 1,382 pounds and 70 pence – a figure which may well have an effect on their propensity to make payments on utility bills, personal loans and other financial demands.

Consequently, she advised: “Don’t just keep to the minimum repayments, take control of your debt and repay as much as you can afford each month. Doing so will knock years off your debt and save you a fortune in interest.”

However, for those looking for a competitive way in which to meet demands for payment on a number of credit cards, applying for a debt consolidation loan. By applying for a loan, borrowers may well find that they pay a lower rate of interest on their borrowing and are so able to pay off credit card debt with ease, leaving them with a higher rate of disposable income at the end of each month. However, earlier this year Tim Moss, head of loans and debt at moneysupermarket, warned those borrowers considering taking out a consolidation loan to avoid going back into the red as otherwise they could well find themselves under a “debt sentence”.

This Gas Investment Far More Profitable than Gold

Gold and silver prices plummeted recently on the international market. Similarly with other commodity prices, as well as mining and palm oil (crude palm oil / CPO).

However, in the midst seen falling commodity prices have been the investment portfolio most investors, there is one other commodities whose prices skyrocketed even more. Yes, gas is helium.

As quoted by the International Herald Tribune, the price of helium gas is now up to nearly double from a year ago while at the same time commodity benchmark Standard and Poor’s dropped about 20 percent.

Helium gas price increase was not driven by speculation as in the case of commodities in general. However, it is caused by the much higher demand than supply in the market.

Currently, the average price of gas in the helium market reached 84 U.S. dollars per thousand cubic feet (Mcf), up from last year which stood at 65 U.S. dollars per Mcf. Prices are expected to continue to rise due to higher demand for the gas, while at the same time that there is a very limited supply.

Some countries that desperately need this gas is Taiwan and Korea. The two countries has become a production base for sophisticated electronic equipment.

Helium gas is special because it is used for various purposes, among others, ranging from hot air balloon, medical equipment, optical cable, flat screen TV, welding, aerospace, military equipment needs, up to the launch of an intercontinental missile.

This gas is mostly located in space and only 5.2 parts per million (parts per million / PPM) in surface air. While the helium gas is sold to the market actually comes from under the ground so that the soil contains a lot of helium is very valuable for the purposes of “mining” of the gas.

The difficulty of “capture” of helium gas makes very limited supply in the market. In fact, the U.S. government’s monopoly gas trading for defensive purposes.

However, that happens, the prices established in the market today is the price set by the U.S. Government. If the price is released into the market, prices will be much more craze helium.

Build Your Business Credit Fast

Learning how to start building or repairing credit for your business are imperative. Whether you are establishing a business or have an existing one, building a good credit rating is essential, as it helps to optimize your business operations.

In the initial stages of building business credit, more often than not, it is necessary to use your personal credit background to obtain funding to finance purchases and attain credit. However, the business credit profile should be separated from your personal one, as relying on one’s own funding to finance the business leaves you personally liable.

The process to build up credit for your business must commence prior to starting operations. To start building credit immediately you must be looking on establishing the following:

Business as a Legal Entity

To separate your business credit score from your personal credit score it is necessary to establish your business as a separate entity. To qualify as a separate entity the business has to be structured as a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC).

Tax Identification Number

Acquiring a tax ID number (also known as an Employer Identification Number, or EIN) is the next step involved in building valuable credit for your business. Similar to the personal credit score which is associated with the individual’s Social Security Number, the business credit reports are associated to a tax ID number. The federal tax identification number can be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service and there are a several ways to reach them:

  • Call the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Hotline at 1-800-829-4933.
  • Download IRS Form SS-4 from the Internal Revenue Service website
  • Download IRS Form SS-4 from the Small Business Administration website and submit to IRS by mail or fax. Directions for the SS-4 forms are provided online.

Business Bank Account

Opening a business bank account allows you to separate business funds from personal funds. Furthermore, a business bank account can also serve as a bank reference when applying for business credit.

How To Start Building CreditWith A Business Credit Card

As a business credit card can be used as a revolving credit line, it is simplest way to build up credit history with on-time payments. Timely payments eventually improve your company’s credit worthiness which facilitates your ability to acquire a business loan. Therefore, use a business credit card for payments whenever possible. Unlike personal credit cards, having multiple active business accounts can be positive, provided that they are in good standing. However, limit the number of business credit cards when beginning and as the company grows you can continue to acquire more.

Business Phone Number

Acquiring a business phone line is important as business credit reporting agencies use the phone number to index your business in their databases. In addition, the credit reporting agencies use the telephone number as proof that you are actually conducting business.

Business Listing

Be sure to supply the exact same business address and phone number to every credit agency and trade credit vendor. Ensure that the business address and phone number are also listed in both the 411 Directory (White Pages) and the Yellow Pages.

A D-U-N-S Number

The D-U-N-S Number is a 9-digit number issued by Dun and Bradstreet that most companies utilize it to verify the credit history of businesses. The United States government and many corporations require their suppliers and contractors to have a D-U-N-S Number. Keep in mind that having a D-U-N-S number is just the beginning. You will need to start building your company’s credit profile by doing business with creditors and/or suppliers that report to Dun and Bradstreet.

How to Start Building Credit By Registering with Credit Reporting Agencies

Many of your company’s lenders and suppliers report information to the business credit reporting agencies about your company, such as how your business pays its bills or loans. There are many business credit reporting agencies such as D&B, Experian Business, BusinessCreditUSA, FDInsight, and ClientChecker. The majority of suppliers, creditors, and lenders pull their reports from Dun and Bradstreet, Experian and, Equifax Business. Registering an account with these 3 business credit reporting agencies is a good start.

Registering enables your company to start building credit through their credit databases. The database can also be used by potential customers, suppliers and lenders to obtain fundamental information about your company. As it is not mandatory, it may be necessary to ask businesses that you work with to report your timely payments to these business reporting agencies. These submissions enhance your credit rating and verify your registration with the business credit reporting agencies.

Constructing Wealth With Gold IRA Investments

Retirement and the manner in which it is actually spent is usually a concern that consumes many Americans. Establishing your IRA account in the course of your operating years so as to secure a retirement of plenty need to be foremost within your mind. Thinking of the present state of your economy, you’d be justified in feeling anxious about the time once you lastly stop working for a living.

Gold IRA investments give a perfect way of escalating the value of your retirement account. The stability that may be provided by gold investing in IRAs guarantees the improve in worth of your account as time passes. Gold is really a commodity whose price isn’t affected by market forces. Its value is dictated upon by the law of provide and demand. With the demand for gold hardly met by the provide, the all-natural consequence is for gold prices to rise.

In an effort to make gold IRS investments it’s essential to initial set up a self directed IRA account. That is accomplished either by carrying out a retirement gold of funds from an current retirement account or you can make a direct deposit to open a single. Physical handling of physical assets of a gold IRA by the account owner and its administrator is strictly prohibited by the IRS. Based on IRS guidelines, physical gold should be deposited straight into an IRS-accredited depository so as not to run into fines and penalties imposed by the government.

After you may have successfully setup your gold IRA you can start your look for appropriate gold ira investment. Maintaining in mind that the IRS has set requirements for physical gold assets that you can preserve inside your account would protect against you from getting unsuitable items, as a result wasting your resources. Gold bullion coins or bars have to be no less than.999 fine to qualify for the account. A reputable gold dealer is often your ally in picking the best gold things for the IRA.

You need to not constrain oneself to physical assets once you consider gold IRA investments. Stock possibilities in mining corporations could likewise be taken into consideration. Physical gold can offer you a guaranteed boost in worth in time for your retirement but then stocks nevertheless does the job of increasing its worth at a considerably more quickly rate. But like all stocks, its worth is might be impacted by industry forces and for that reason involves more danger. Nonetheless, stocks can nonetheless provide a implies of diversifying your investment portfolio.

Gold IRA investments may also be within the type of other valuable metals like silver, platinum and palladium. These have been additions towards the typical earlier imposed by the IRS on valuable metals in IRA. The inclusion of other valuable metals in IRA has opened the doors to non classic investments for account owners mainly because gold is substantially far more high priced.

Owning gold along with other valuable metals in gold ira rollover allows you to be protected against the effects of inflation, devaluation, and many other economic concerns. Their values are driven primarily by the law of supply and demand and their uses guarantee their demand. Make probably the most out of your retirement account and invest in valuable metals now.


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Puhl Employee Benefits Inc.

Loans – Decoding the Hassles of Our Lives

Sometimes the persons may be in good financial conditions and they do not want any assistance in the terms of finance. However in many cases, the people may fall in greater needs of monetary assistance. In those times of needs, only the loans can help such people out.

The loans are made to help the people all over the world. Thus, there are numerous loan options available all over the world. In the countries like India, there are several banks which are serving the loans to resolve almost all problems of the borrowers. Whether it is a personal requirement or it is a commercial one, the loans are made to resolve each and every problem of the borrowers.

In this fast world, every business house tends to remain at number one position. However, to remain in that position, the business may require better financial supports and for that the loans are one of the most appropriate solutions for the business houses.

The loan options, which are availed by the business houses, are known as business loans. Just like other loans, these loans are also available in the secured and the unsecured forms. Under the secured category, the borrowers may have to pledge their personal or commercial property or any other assets to get the loan amount without any hassles. Basically, the loaned amount depends on the overall value of the property or assets pledged. However, the banks generally provide the loan amount according to the needs of that business house. In India, the business houses can avail the secured business loan at very low rate of interests ranging between Rupees 100000 to Rupees 100000000, and which can be repaid between the time range of five years to twenty five years.

On the other hand, under the unsecured business loan category, the business houses may borrow the loan without pledging any security or asset against the loan amount. Though the interest rates in the case of unsecured business loans may be higher in comparison to the secured business loan category, these loans are available very easily and without any delay. In the case of unsecured business loans, the processing may be quite fast and speedy. A business house can easily obtain the loan amount ranging between Rupees 100000 to Rupees 1000000 and that too with the repayment tenure ranging between one year to ten years.

In both cases, the bank may require the business houses to submit the financial records and banking statement of past.

The author is a business writer specializing in finance and credit products and has written authoritative articles on the finance industry. He has done his masters in Business Administration and is currently assisting Paisawaisa as a finance specialist.

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Network Marketing Lead Generation the Right Way

Let me start off by saying stop buying generic lead list. Your wasting your money. They’re not your target market in the first place. I will tell you how network marketing lead generation should work for you when building your network marketing business. When I got started in network-marketing, I purchased over $6547 dollars worth of network marketing lead list. I did this because this is what I was told to do by my upline. Now don’t get me wrong here, their are many ways to build your business. However not everyone can be a master prospector when cold calling leads.

I cold called leads for over a year and a half and recruited over 150 people into my business. Today there are only ten of them left and no one is duplicating. This is the problem with cold calling. It’s not duplicable! I started to get sick and tired of the cold calling thing and new that their are better ways to build a network marketing business. I did some research to find out these top income earners were doing things different and they were not teaching it to their downline. However I found out what they were doing by doing my research. I started learning about network marketing lead generation, Internet marketing, PPC advertising etc.

What I found out about network marketing lead generation was quite amazing. When you generate your own true targeted network marketing lead list, you own that list and it’s not shared with five to six other network marketers. The lead list I’m talking about aren’t generic biz opportunity list. I’m talking about generating a list of people in your target market. That’s right, other network marketers are your target market. Did you hit the floor yet? Well it gets better. I also learned that by building a network marketing lead list doing your own network marketing lead generation, that you have the opportunity to market to that list whenever you want. Think about it, if you had valuable information that can help other network marketers out there build there business do you think they would buy it. You bet.

You see if you help enough other networkers with building there business with generic network marketing training information they will start to see you as a person of value that they can go to. You start to become their mentor. I also found out that networkers are hungry for training information to help build there business and that’s why they are your target market in the first place. So you market helpful information on the front end to them and this helps fund your advertising cost so you can go out and advertise and build a true targeted network marketing lead list endlessly. In the process of network marketing lead generation some of these networkers will want to get started in your primary business because how helpful you have been with them.

This is called attraction marketing. You see the big income earners don’t cold call lead list. They market generic mlm training information to them, continue to build a big list by funding there advertising. Then they recruit on the back end when they have built relationships with them. This allows them to recruit on demand. The best part is when your leads start calling you at your home to find out what your business is. How would you like that to happen to you. I can tell you from personal experience that this is how you want to start building your business. See how powerful this is? This is just some of the heavy hitter secrets that I wanted to share with you.

You must have a system in place that will give you the ability to make all this happen. A system that would prospect for you and generate this type of targeted network marketing lead list. It must be a system that would teach and train you at the same time. The system must be generic and allow any network marketer to use so they can start moving forward in their business. The system should help fund your advertising so you can build the most important asset to a network marketer and that’s their list. So start learning to do your own network marketing lead generation and venture out on your as the leader you are and learn some of these marketing skills.

A Finance Loan to Fit Your Needs

When money runs short, you may find yourself wondering exactly how you’re going to get the cash that you need to do the things that you either need or want to do. One of the easier solutions to this problem is to apply for a finance loan a structured loan that allows you to make payments on the item that you’re wanting to purchase or the amount that you need to pay.

Not every finance loan is created equal, however: it’s important that you take the time to look at all of your options and carefully choose which finance loan is the one that’s right for you. Continue Reading »

How to Pick a Home Finance Loan

When you’re in the market for a home finance loan, you’re likely going to want to find the best interest rate and most flexible repayment terms that you can so that you’ll be able to get the most out of your money.

Finding the right home finance loan for you isn’t always easy, however. sometimes it requires you to put some time aside to search for a variety of different lenders and compare their loan offerings based upon interest rates, loan terms, closing costs, and several other factors. Continue Reading »